Match Facts Allocate

Match Facts Allocate is a fully-featured referee management and allocation/appointment system designed by a referee for referees. Match Facts makes allocation a breeze enabling you to spend more time out on the field, and our competitively priced subscriptions allow you to keep more of your money for developing your referees.

Manage Your Members

  • Assign multiple administrative and/or match official roles
  • Maintain match officials certifications, grading and evaluations


  • Integration with Match Facts Officiate smartphone app
  • Match allocations/appointments pushed to app to accept or decline
  • Match and disciplinary reports can be filed from the ground


  • Match official availability self-service based on time and location
  • Rules engine checks allocations/appointments for availability, overlapping matches, match official grade, team affiliations, certifications requirements and more
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface

Manage Teams, Competitions, Grounds and Matches

  • Manage all other aspects of the game yourself or allow other organisations to manage their aspects


  • Automated emails generated to match officials, administrators, team coaches, disciplinary officers
  • Ad-hoc emails to members or groups
  • Text messaging (at additional cost)


  • Data import from spreadsheets
  • Import contact and fixture data exported from Who's the Ref
  • Make your membership list, team list, match schedule and more available to the public with a fixed URL allowing you to create links from your website