Match Facts Schedule

Match Facts Schedule is a powerful, but easy to use system for scheduling round-robin/league competitions for any sport. Leave the drudgery and stress of paper and pencil or spreadsheets behind you and let Match Facts take care of ensuring your schedule satisifies all the stakeholders.

Automatically Generate Your Schedule

  • Generate a valid schedule in seconds at the click of a button
  • Up to 16 teams1
  • Multiple matches per round


  • Set days/times each field is available
  • Set home ground(s) for each team
  • Schedule will avoid matches from other competitions at the same field

Edit and Regenerate

  • Edit teams, ground or time of scheduled matches
  • Instant warnings generated if edit creates an invalid schedule
  • Regenerate schedule to automatically fix errors


  • Optimize schedule to balance home and away games across all teams
  • Optimize schedule to balance total travel distance across all teams2 (coming soon)


  • Invite people to a "read-only" view of the schedule2
  • Capture comments2

Save, Export or Publish

  • Save schedule to continue working at a later date2
  • Export as Excel spreadsheet or PDF report
  • Publish the schedule to the Match Facts website, or embed in your own website2
1 Up to 8 teams in Match Facts Schedule. Up to 16 teams in Match Facts Schedule+
2 Match Facts Schedule Pro only