Match Facts Tournament

Match Facts Tournament includes everything you need to run a rugby tournament. We have integrated team and match official scheduling with scoring in one package.

Team Registration

  • Capture teams and players
  • Self-service team management
  • Collect tournament fees


  • Random or guided scheduling of teams and match officials
  • Personalised schedules sent to teams and match officials
  • Schedule will adjust as changes are made to stay consistent
  • Automatic population of teams in play-off matches

Live Scoring

  • Capture scores from the side-line using a smartphone app in real-time
  • Scores updated on website
  • Scores pushed to social media


  • View the current status of all matches
  • Receive alerts when the exceptions are occuring - eg a match starts late
  • Adjust the schedule to pro-actively fix issues


  • Automated email and text messaging before and during the tournament to teams and officials

Social Media

  • Live scores, photos and video pushed to Twitter
  • Tagged social media posts from spectators captured